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Clubs and Leagues

There are five senior leagues that affiliate to the Middlesex Cricket Board.  The Middlesex County Cricket League, The Middlesex Championship, the 1987 Cricket League the Middlesex Premier Cricket League and The Middlesex Sunday League.

The Middlesex County Cricket League (MCCL) is one of 26 ECB Premier Leagues in the country and is the top league within our county.  There are nine divisions in all that accommodate clubs 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th XI’s.

For more information about the league please visit either of their websites – www.middlesexccl.comwww.middlesexccl.play-cricket.com or contact the Honorary Secretary Charlie Puckett -charlie.puckett54@gmail.com

The Middlesex Championship is a feeder league for clubs 1st and 2nd XI’s into the Middlesex County Cricket League.  Any club looking to gain entry into the Middlesex County Cricket League would need to win Division 1 of this league and also meet the entry criteria of the MCCL.

The league currently has four divisions for first eleven’s and four divisions for clubs second elevens.  For more information about the league please visit the website – www.middlesexchampionship.com or contact League Secretary Sue Gallagher – susan_gallagher1061@hotmail.com.

The 1987 Cricket League is a feeder league for clubs 3rd, 4th and 5th teams into the MCCL.  Although no 5th eleven has made it into the MCCL yet, there are a few clubs who have both their 3rd and 4th teams playing in the MCCL.

The league will have six divisions in 2013 and for more information about this league please visit the website – www.cricketleague.play-cricket.com or contact the League Secretary Andrew Newton – newton_andrew@hotmail.com

The Middlesex Premier Cricket League is the larger of the two Sunday leagues within the county.  The league was founded in 1992 and currently boasts 26 clubs many of which field two elevens and runs its own cup competition.

For more information about this league please visit the website – www.middxpremier.com.

The Middlesex Sunday League will run matches for 18 clubs in 2013 over three divisions.  The league allows clubs who haven’t or don’t get their ‘fill’ of league cricket on a Saturday to do so on a Sunday.

For more information about this league please visit the website – www.msl.play-cricket.com or contact League Chairman Terry Hyman –  mddlsx-scl@hotmail.com

If you are a player and would like information about joining a club within a league then please contact MCB Administrator James Keightley – james.keightley@middlesexccc.com

If you are a club looking to join a league then we recommend you contact the leagues directly as all entry requirements vary.  Please note all clubs that affiliate to the leagues mentioned above must be affiliated members of the Middlesex Cricket Board.  To affiliate to the MCB please CLICK HERE or contact James Keightley – james.keightley@middlesexccc.com for more information.



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