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Middlesex Cup

The Middlesex Knockout Cricket Competition

The background

The cup was first played for in 1968 so we have had our Silver Anniversary – on to the Gold in a few years time.

All the clubs in the three divisions of the MCCL and the first division of the Middlesex Championship are eligible so it is the major cup competition solely for the more senior cricket clubs in the county – only the National and, more recently, the Club Cricket Conference competitions outrank this knockout competition in prestige.

It offers a great opportunity for the lower division clubs to pit their skills against the clubs from higher in the league structure. 2007 was a great example of David (in the guise of Osterley) putting one over on Finchley’s Goliath by winning the final in impressive fashion.

The draw recognises the league positions of the previous season so the top eight enter in the third round. These clubs are drawn at home giving the more junior clubs the opportunity to play at some of the top league grounds in the county. There is no perfect answer as to how a draw should be done – the current method seems to be approved by the majority of the clubs.

34 clubs have entered the competition in 2013 and Hampstead CC will be looking to defend the title they won in 2012. They, along with seven other premier league clubs join the competition in Round 3.  The full draw for the 2013 competition took place early in the year and can be found on the play-cricket website – www.midcko.play-cricket.com

The dates for each round are as follows:

  • Preliminary:        Sunday 21st April
  • Round 1:              Sunday 19th May
  • Round 2:              Sunday 9th June
  • Round 3:              Sunday 30th June
  • Quarter-Finals:   Sunday 21st July
  • Semi-Finals:        Sunday 18th August
  • Final:                     Sunday 8th September

If you have any questions about the Middlesex Cup please contact competition organiser Alan Flook – alanflook@hotmail.com or 01707 875462.



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